Family Law

Family Law, Custody, Adoption, Divorce

We have been representing clients in contested and uncontested dissolution of marriages for years. We have vast experience in litigation, including issues involving property, custody, visitation, insurance, tax, maintenance and other matters.We have represented fathers for years in contested and uncontested family issues. We understand the facts, strategies and nuances in this area of the law. Regardless of who we represent, we provide timely, aggressive and affective representation.We have been handling adoption cases for years, including complex areas where a natural parent cannot be located, or may reside in a foreign country. We work through the Court system to ensure that adoption matters are handled correctly in order that problems may be avoided in the future.

We are aggressive and responsive in regard to child custody cases. In certain instances, thisinvolves the taking of deposition of various parties, working with health and/or behavioral specialist, background checks, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case, presentations to the Court regarding the best interests of the child, working with mediators and/or guardian ad litems regarding issues and matters related thereto.We have represented clients in regard to obtaining current and back child support and we have represented individuals in regard to defending claims being brought against them in regard to unpaid child support, including by local or state agencies. In many instances, this involves providing representation at contempted Court proceedings and matters relating thereto.Since we have been handling military divorces for decades, including involving Scott Air Force Base (which is located in St. Clair County, Illinois) and other military installations throughout the country and the world, we provide aggressive representation on behalf of our clients in this area of the law, including when it pertains to property division, child support and other characteristics of a military divorce.